What Is Phantom Power Also Known As Standby Power?

Phantom Power or Standby Power

This is power or standby power is electricity consumed by electronic devices even when turned off (Television, home theatre system, computer, monitor, printer, scanner, rechargeable devices (MP3 players, cell phones, battery charges, etc.,) Game console Use a power bar with timer or auto shut-off and make sure they are off during periods of inactivity.

Tip to Save On Electricity
  • By reducing this unnecessary power use, you can help save up to 15% on your electricity use.

Stats On Phantom Power (Per Year)

Video Game Consoles
Desktop Computers
Kitchen Appliances
Cable & Satellite TV Boxes
DVD & Blu-Ray DVD Players
Device Chargers

Activate Energy Saving Modes On Devices

Although you won’t always have an energy saving mode on your device, many modern appliances and products come with one. Energy saving modes put electronics to sleep. One example is your computer monitor powers down when you step away. You can customize the time frames.

Why Do Electronic Devices Leak Energy?

Every cord that remains plugged into an outlet is pulling energy out. That’s what they are designed to do. It’s great when you need to use electronics or appliances, and when you need to turn the television on immediately, but this is what causes the leak in energy. While many devices have sleep or standby modes, they still continuously use electricity to perform updates, connect to remote servers and record data (especially in the modern world of apps and instant connections).

Example: TVs

The connectivity of modern technology is the main reason our devices leak energy. Even when the TV is off, it is still ready to receive signal from the remote to power on at any time.

Example: DVD Player

Your DVD is always “lying in wait” until its time to record the next show or run behind-the-scenes updates.