Organic Landscaping For Energy Efficient Homes

Organic Landscaping For
Energy Efficient Homes

  • Community and landscaping are design to have the least impact on surrounding green space.
  • Eco-friendly methods and harvesting solutions to reduce water consumption and containment in stormwater runoffs.

Eco-Friendly Driveway

Permeable driveways use durable material that allows water to flow through it to trap storm water contaminants from entering the drainage system, minimizing the adverse effects they have on water quality.

Rain Barrels

Conserves water and keeps gardens green by reducing household water and reducing stormwater runoff from sediments and pollutants. Also known as Grey Water System)

Advanced Drip Irrigation

Micro-irrigation system that saves water and nutrients by allowing water to slowly drip to the roots of plants to reduce evaporation and deep drainage.

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