Energy Saving Windows, Doors and Insulation

Caulk your windows and doors to prevent air leaks. Replacing old windows with energy-efficient ones is a significant step toward conservation.

Shopping for New Windows

When shopping for new windows, look for:

  • ENERGY STAR qualified models.
  • Low-E (low emissivity) glass and argon-filled glass between the panes. These materials efficiently reflect a great deal of furnace heat back into the home, as well as letting in sunlight. During the summer time, these windows reduce heat gain into the home compared to non-ENERGY STAR or conventional windows.
  • ENERGY STAR qualified windows are rated for 2 climate zones in Ontario. Make sure you pick the right one for your home’s location. You may consider purchasing a product that is ENERGY STAR qualified for at least one zone colder than where you live.
  • ENERGY STAR windows will reduce your home energy costs, eliminate cold drafts, collect less condensation and reduce noise from outside.